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My employer is a university hospital. Amongst its peers, the hospital's pharmacy school is also seeking to upgrade its websites to achieve:

> Positive user experience

> Modern online attire

> Workflow efficiency

My role & when?

Web and experience design

6 months from April 2021

Who do I work with?

Photographer, webmaster, stakeholders and users.

Current issue

> phone enquiries

> repetitive registration process

The campus has adopted their principle website into a CMS since 3 years and it seems to me that Wordpress is a natural first choice for the revamp. Before every details of content and the wireframe are finalised, I soon realised that redesigning the landing page does not resolve the registration process issue.

Define and empathise

> Diagnostic > Problem > Solution

From discover to deliver

What it means to business

Let 1 phone call = 5 euros (when 0.5 euro per minutes and 10 minutes per call);

Estimate only 2 calls per day;

Saving is 2,600 euros per annum.

This is of course only a rudimentary stimulation đŸ˜‰

One of the online forms created with an elected plugin.

Is your menu easy to use?

One of our high priority questions to solve is the visibility of student loan information. And before we move on to development phase, I ask my team if our new menu is intuitive enough to let users find what they are looking for. So I laid hands on few colleagues in another team during their coffee breaks. And here is what we have found out.

Test, test and test!

> What kind of users will visit our website?

> What are their top 100 tasks?

> How will they look for information?

Question 1: You have successfully passed your baccalaureate examination and are keen to learn more about admission information. Where will you start?

Tree test 1.mp4

Question 2: You are planning to become a pharmacist and looking for scholarship. Where will you look at?

Tree test 2.mp4

Question 3: You aren't ready to start the pharmacist training right away yet wish to enrol on a preparatory course to set you up for success. Where will you find this information?

Tree test 3.mp4

The list is inexhaustibly long, the above provided three examples to start with. In case, you wish to get hold on the entire list, please write me.

Better SEO?

Dropped the decade-old URL and have it replaced with the shinny school name to stay on the top.