Sustainable e-Commerce





5-day hackathon school project from 1 March 2021


Greenhour is a French e-commerce platform who strives to offer time pieces that are produced with natural, renewable materials, with a special focus on battery recycle process.


My role : Digital Marketing Strategy

Fouad : Project management

Clément: Web design

Margot : Graphic design and Web marketing

SWOT analysis: 1) Strengths 2) Weaknesses 3) Opportunities and 4) Threats

Actionable items

> Competitive analysis or benchmarking

> Identify potential clients

> Create sample of personae

And before we know it, our first buyer persona is waving at us.

Common attributes found : Instagram and mobile phone users

Read more about Suzy, Gabriel and Louise (documents in French)

Method: Segmentation by age group

One of the major benefits of regrouping your persona is that it facilitates the search of common attributes between targets.

Buyer type - Greenhour

Conclusion: We have chosen to use "Ecwid" to build our e-commerce website for it is/has customised to facilitate trades on Instagram, payment ready, elegant interface and scalable.

Feedback mining

This product is the fruit of analysing over 500 buyers' posts related to Greenhour's competitors. These posts are like goldmines and the chances are good marketers want to examine each post from every different angles and learn thoroughly the drivers that cause sales to rise and fall so they can be experts of these lessons without losing a penny. No wonder all marketers are tuning in closely to social listening, even some traditionally low-key entities, such as those in the public sector also choose to join the ally with wish to reach audience outside the rader.

Copy of Green Simple Education Business Plan Presentation.mp4

Check out this video, from 1.43 minutes, to see how improving accessibility of an e-commerce website renders products accessible to our studied buyer, Suzy, who otherwise wouldn't have bought her first watch and become brand ambassador of Greenhour.

View the presentation on your browser

Reject biased assessment and uphold scientific decision

At last, we have decided to let our "Women's Collection" to stay above the fold on the website. Although everyone in the team initially thought placing "Men's Collection" in the most prominent place would make more sense out of a "good" distribution. Little did we know before the research is that our overconfidence has failed us on seeking outsider's view and to learn about the rationales which our competitors choose to trust as it is the sound way to display products on their websites. The same time, it was our subjective bias suggesting the contrary. We later found out that everyone in the team has some personal experience seeing our own fathers, uncles or other male family members getting a new watch for a birthday present. And instead of studying the well-versed method to increase sale potentiels, by deciphering complex questions like "How can a French e-commerce website win market shares and capitalise know-hows?". Our impulsive minds have instinctively choose to trust our intuition which misleads us with a picture that, painted by default, lurks us to answer a simpler question, like "Who do I know get watches?" Nevertheless, when marketers turn to the science of research, they will be rewarded by education. A myriad of studies inform that women actually spend at least 50% more than men on apparels, watches and other personal items. Read about behavioural economics on

Product page featuring a classic women watch stays high in the fold.

User-relevant content

I write about the brand's effort to create a safer and greener avenue for customers to recycle batteries, the article addresses users' pain points, in direct response to the tallied concerns shared by buyers and potential buyers.

The website also provides tutorials for customers to learn how to adjust the length of the bracelet and some minor repairs - this will increase sense of ownership, with reference to the effect of "Ikea engineer".

The right kind of digital content strategy substantiates the watch-maker's endeavour to heed the market's sustainability pledge. User-centred approach is rewarding in the realm of e-commerce, designs that resonate customer needs and wants will lead up to trust and renewable opportunities.